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Let Me Introduce Myself...

I'm Melodye, the creator of the Ellen Joyce Collection. 

My shop is named after my mother, Ellen Joyce. She was a beautiful, loving woman who gave of herself tirelessly.

She was my best friend.

I remember clearly when several years ago she told me that she was diagnosed with cancer.

She fought it until there were no more ways of fighting it. Cancer took my mom's life, but it never took her spirit, her love of life, nor her love of people and charity.

Even while she battled this disease, her faith in God never wavered one bit. She was always giving of herself, her time, and her money to a charitable cause.

And so in honor of my mother, I named this business after her. I wanted a name (and business) that represented beauty, joy, love, sophistication, fun, laughter, faith in God, love of God, love of life, love for family and charity toward others.

That is who she was.

I created the Ellen Joyce Collection with those values and attributes in mind.

I believe in living fully and authentically and so I offer custom printed products & personalized gifts that allow you to express yourself and be heard! My designs center around Family, Faith, Friends (even the Furry Ones) & plain ole Fun.

10% Goes to Charity

Also in honor of my mother, Ellen Joyce, and how she lived her life, 10% of net income from your purchase goes to charity.

My hope is that you'll experience a greater, more impactful life as you join me in helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

As a subscriber, I'll keep you updated on our charitable donations.

To learn more about Ellen Joyce Collection, visit the About Us page.

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