How to Personalize Your Product with Live Preview


July 23

At Ellen Joyce Collection we have 2 types of personalized products: the pre-personalized items that have already have been personalized with various texts, and the ready-to-personalize products waiting for you to add your special text.

Choose Between 2 Types of Personalized Products...

Done-for-you Pre-Personalized Products

Custom Ready-to-Personalize Products

We are always adding more ready-to-personalize products and personalizing your product is simple with our live preview customizer.

I am excited to have this live preview customizer as a feature on the site.

I know how fun and satisfying it is to actually see your custom text on a design that you're buying.

I'll be adding various types of designs that you can customize on various types of products.

How to Personalize Your Product with Live Preview

So I want to show you how to customize products with the live preview feature.

The live preview customizer serves a few different purposes:

  • It allows you to enter your custom personalized text easily
  • It allows you to actually see your personalization on the design rather than just imagining it
  • For certain products it will allow you to totally create your own design by adding images and/or text
  • It allows the store administrator to easily get your personalized files and process them

Just choose the product style and quantity that you want and click the CUSTOMIZE button.

Add your custom text in the personalization field.

1 & 2 Line Personalization

For some products, the customizer works great with no limitations.

For others, there may be slight limitations because of the nature of the design.

For our popular personalized simple text designs, there is a possibility for someone's custom text to have multiple words, as in the case with professions.

In order for the customizer to accommodate all scenarios, we've allotted 2 lines for your custom text in the preview area (thus creating a slight limitation when it comes to aesthetics). 

If you only have 1 line of text, that's fine, we will adjust the spacing to make sure it looks great!

Making Adjustments

You may also move and resize your text inside the personalization field to get a better idea of how your personalized product will look.

Moving and resizing text

At this time, we are not taking the file and sending it directly to the printer. We will manually process each order and make sure that your personalized text is placed and centered beautifully within the design before printing.

Your personalized text font will be the same font as the rest of the design, unless otherwise noted.

If you have any further questions about personalization or how to use the customizer, don't hesitate to contact me.

Have fun and happy shopping. 🙂

About the author

I'm the owner, creator, and designer here at EJC. My shop is named after my mother, Ellen Joyce. I wanted a name that represented beauty, joy, love, class, fun, laughter, faith in God, love of life, love for family and charity toward others. I think Mom would have loved EJC and I hope you do as well. Let's have some fun! :)


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How to Personalize Your Product with Live Preview

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